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Company news about 2 ways to save money on digital signage

2 ways to save money on digital signage


Latest company news about 2 ways to save money on digital signage

High Brightness LCD Display Digital signage can help provide solutions to both monitor customer movement and ensure social distancing.

That being said, there are a few ways you, as an end user, can save some cash on digital signage if you decide to deploy it.


Determine your hardware minimum
What I mean by hardware minimum is you need to consider carefully what type of hardware you actually need to get your message across. What is the simplest and cheapest equipment you can use?

For example, if you are just looking to showcase your latest promotions and advertisements, do you need a 4K video wall or a simple LCD display? Do you need a robust media player or a USB thumb drive to deliver content?

I’m not saying you need to purchase the cheapest equipment out there, but rather you need to determine what your requirements are and what your negotiables are. For example, your requirements might be that you need a display that can deliver three pieces of content 24/7 and your negotiables would be the overall screen resolution and size.

Be careful in the planning stage to not get requirements and negotiables mixed up, and make sure to talk carefully with your vendor about hidden costs such as repairs and warranties.

Wonderful to see the new flagship spacenk store in Edinburgh is open today! We installed a 960 x 1920mm LED Screen to the front of the store, the spectacular 1000nit brightness grabbing the attention of everyone passing by ☀️

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