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Company news about 4 ways digital signage is transforming retail

4 ways digital signage is transforming retail


Latest company news about 4 ways digital signage is transforming retail

The retail landscape has dramatically changed in recent years. Nearly 70% of customers want both in-store and online experiences as part of their shopping journey. The virtual and tangible worlds have collided, and digital signage is the window into those worlds.

Below are four different ways that digital signage is impacting the retail industry.

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Memorable Experiences

Stores can augment the online shopping experience by giving customers the ability to personalize their purchase. Clothing stores can let customers build their own wardrobe; furniture stores can let the shopper visualize how furniture might fit in their space; or shoppers might fully customize a pair of shoes right in the store. Allowing customers the opportunity to get hands-on with technology can create a personal and lasting connection.


A digital strategy aimed at delivering memorable experiences is a fundamental way to create a winning in-store Retail Experience. Touchscreens allow customers to search their purchase history and wish list or enable them to browse product ranges and engage with your content with a simple touch. Video walls bring the “wow” factor that online shopping simply can’t provide. Other solutions such as Lift & Learn technology can quite literally put the shopping experience into the shoppers’ hands. Lift & Learn solutions use digital screens that display specific content whenever the associated product is lifted from a shelf. 66% of shoppers want a self-guided buying journey. The right visual solution can create a unique and memorable Customer Experience while educating and informing the buying decision.


Show, Don’t Tell

Providing detailed information is a powerful way to inform shoppers, but too much information could overload the buying decision. What many shoppers need is not information, but guidance. Digital signage can influence shoppers by not just telling the customer the benefits of a product, but showing them. Solutions like product kiosks can give shoppers video demonstrations of product to help facilitate a real-world connection with how that product can fit into the buyer’s life. Virtual sampling stations allow customers to virtually try before they buy, giving peace of mind before making a purchase. The majority of shoppers consult their smartphones while shopping in-store, but the right digital signage solutions can provide a deeper level of exploration.

More Than A Store

As consumers have become increasingly comfortable moving back and forth seamlessly between in-store and online, retailers need to rethink what consumers want out of the physical space. The idea of retail space serving as less of a store and more of a showroom is nothing new. Some are beginning to see brick and mortar less as a transactional place, and more as an alternative form of media. The ‘us vs them’ mentality of online and in-store shopping is gone. With 67% of shoppers wanting both as part of their buying journey, there is a strong shift toward retail stores becoming a brand experience. Digital displays can show ads and images that reflect your brand and bring the visual story from a brand’s online presence into the physical space. Stores that use digital displays in conjunction with solutions like Music, Voice Messaging, and Scent Marketing are able to truly connect customers to their brand. The ability to leave a lasting impression on shoppers is an important way to gain and retain brand loyalty.


Visualize Team Success

Everything discussed so far has focused on the consumer, but digital signage can have a major impact on employees as well. Effective digital signage is a great way to improve employee engagement and communication. Some studies show that a major cause of employee attrition is a lack of solid training and development. Visuals can be a helpful tool to reinforce training, keep staff informed of ever-changing safety measures, motivate teams, and highlight employee achievements. Good communication is the key to success, and with easily changeable content, digital signage can help keep employees informed on training and development initiatives to help improve retention and morale.


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