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Company news about Spectacular Sunlight Readable LCD Display Solution

Spectacular Sunlight Readable LCD Display Solution


Latest company news about Spectacular Sunlight Readable LCD Display Solution

With more and more outdoor LCD Display applications in the marketplace, the readability & sustainability of the LCD panel under direct sunlight is becoming more vital. But there are several obstacles to overcome in order to provide a good LCD display solution under direct sunlight, such as the overheat issue, water-proof issue, readability issue, and the sustainability issue.

Winsonic has continually been developing a sunlight readable LCD Display solution. The company offers a full range of high brightness / sunlight readable LCD display solutions to meet consumer demand.


The factors that affect sunlight readability

Sunlight visibility of a display depends on the differences between the lumination (brightness) and the illumination (ambient light shining on the display).

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Because the TFT LCD display does not emit light, it needs an external light source ( backlight ) . The brightness of an LCD display is much less than the sun, which causes the LCD displays to barely be viewable in a bright environment, especially under direct sunlight.


The best solution to direct sunlight readability is said to be transflective LCD that reflects ambient light to increase its light level. Yet, the transflective LCD display compromises the transmission rate and the contrast because it needs an additional reflective layer, not to mention the high cost problem. Right now, the transflective LCD panel is not a popular or practical solution because of these issues.

The other option to enhance visibility is to increase brightness. However, there are still several factors that affect the visibility under direct sunlight that correlate with each other. Winsonic has developed technologies that solve the problems at an affordable cost.


These technologies are :

High Brightness LCD panel
Optical Bonding
Anti-reflection surface treatment
UV protective film & IR heat rejected
Ventilation Structure Design

All of the above issues are related to each other, making the sunlight readable requirement complicated. Winsonic has found the right balance between these issues and the price tag to offer a cost-efficient solution that conquers the sunlight readable problem.


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