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Company news about What are the benefits of retail digital signage?

What are the benefits of retail digital signage?


Latest company news about What are the benefits of retail digital signage?

Why does a retail store need digital signage? There are numerous benefits that retail digital signs can bring to your business.


latest company news about What are the benefits of retail digital signage?  0

Drive more traffics to physical store

The first and foremost benefit of digital signage is driving traffic to the stores. According to ScreenCloud, 8 out of 10 customers have entered a store after seeing digital signage. Like classic light boxes, moving images always compel people’s attention when they pass by.

Enhance purchasing decisions and gain more sales

More than 40% of consumers agree that providing pertinent information close to the point of purchase and digital displays can influence their purchasing decisions. Digital signage in retail stores gives customers a more genuine look and feel of a product by emphasizing its unique qualities, perspectives, or design through videos or images.

Additionally, 80% of the brands using digital signage displays report that they have increased 33% more sales. It can produce an immersive consumer experience and increase the potential for cross-sells, up-sells, and impulsive purchases. You can achieve that by swiftly adjusting and deploying compelling information when and where it matters most.

Provide entertainment

It’s beneficial for your business to keep visitors entertained. A new study by Urban Land Institute reveals that 50% of male and 70% of female millennials consider shopping a source of entertainment. Consumers enjoy learning new things and sharing what they have learned with their loved ones.

Fortunately, entertaining your consumers with digital displays is simple and inexpensive. You can display multimedia content, such as graphics, photos, and videos on retail digital signs from a variety of sources, including social media.

Increase social media presence

Today, any commerce business must have a strong online presence. One of the main responsibilities of retail digital signage has evolved into promoting a company’s websites and social media accounts.

Retailers can present their social media contact and websites along with informative or enjoyable content on digital screens in stores.

This motivates customers to look up and subscribe to their pages, which helps merchants grow their online audience and nurture them further to generate sales.

Improve internal communications

Digital signage in retail stores can focus not only on customers but also on store personnel. You can install retail signage displays that show employee-specific information like a working schedule, employee bonus, business announcement, birthday notices, etc. That will help strengthen the business culture and improve the working environment and employee communication.

Enhance your brand awareness

Signage for retail stores assists to build a more favorable perception of your company in the minds of customers. The more customers see your brand image, the more they can remember you. They will be more inclined to return to your store frequently as a result. And once they do, they are also more likely to spend more money there.


Reduce cost

Digital signage software helps companies cut costs for publishing brochures, printing menu boards, conventional billboards, and large posters. Besides, you can save time and money on shipping and storing these marketing materials. This gives you more resources for producing high-quality content and visuals to catch your customers’ attention.

Boost brand loyalty

With digital signage, you can promote your newsletters, mobile apps, and customer loyalty program. In this way, you can increase touchpoints with your customers, get closer to them, and turn them into regulars.


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