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Company news about High Brightness LCD Panels Optical Bonding Solutions

High Brightness LCD Panels Optical Bonding Solutions


Latest company news about High Brightness LCD Panels Optical Bonding Solutions

1. High Brightness LCD Panel

There are 2 solutions for the high brightness requirement:

1.1. High Efficient LED Light Bar Replacement

Replace the original CCFL or LED light bar with a high-efficient LED light bar to increase brightness, also eliminating the inverter thereby improving EMI emissions.


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1.2. Brightness Enhancement Film Replacement

Increases panel brightness by 60% with a single sheet and up to 120% with two crossed sheets.


2. Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is the joining of two rigid optical elements using transparent adhesive to reduce reflectance and provide vandal resistance.


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Optical Bonding Benefits:

Increased sunlight readability up to 400%
Increased impact resistance up to 300%
Enables resistance to extreme temperatures
Enable thinner and lighter display designs
Prevents condensation and fogging

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3. Anti-reflection surface treatment

The readability of an LCD display under direct sunlight is strongly correlated with the reflection of LCD surface. A reflective surface of the display will make the readability worse even with high brightness. A proper anti-reflection surface treatment is important to improve the readability.


4. UV protective film & IR heat rejected-

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are invisible rays that are part of the energy that comes from the sun. An LCD panel can be damaged by UV rays if it is exposed too much to the sun.
A proper UV protective film is crucial for the sustainability of an LCD display under direct sunlight.
The Infrared light contribute heat to cause the overheat problem. A proper Anti-IR solution is also crucial for the sunlight readable issue.


5. Ventilation Structure Design

Another issue for outdoor direct sunlight applications is the overheat issue. Overheating causes the crystal to liquidize, which results in the black image. In a direct sunlight application, the ventilation structure design is more crucial because infrared light and visible light contribute heat on the LCD panel. Without the appropriated ventilation design, a LCD display won’t survive the overheat problem.


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